Always on the move

Life never stops, may you be in a hurry or just chilling.

The Urban collections by Vogart will be with you during those daily moments so that any inconvenience that may arise becomes more bearable and you keep moving comfortably knowing your are carrying your essentials handy and in the perfect bag.



One day doesn’t make a big difference but day after day, week after day, will teach you about your carrying needs when in the city, about your essentials and the features you’d want for your everyday luggage.

These collections of bagsare specially designed for your daily life and commute, with details that will make life a little easier, or at least, more organised.

You’ll find crossbodies, hip belts and slings in every size, so you can go lighter, taking just what you need in every moment and keeping just your essentials close.

You’ll also find backpacks, briefcases and convertibles that will adapt to your carrying needs. For the daily nomad, for those days you carry everything, just in case.

Choose your style and find the right model for you. Pick a range or look for the features you need here.




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