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VOGART bags | The Vogart brand

Vogart is the brand for the everyday luggage. Creative, with style, with a casual flare but still professional. Daily life is full of unexpected events and Vogart is here to help you on those daily adventures with its ideal designs.

We think, design and develop our bags, backpacks, slings, briefcases, hip belts, crossbodies etc. around functionality and giving them an european feel. These are sofisticated and technical products, to keep your day organised (even when it’s not).

Use them for your profession or your passion, whatever your destiny, whatever you war. With Vogart you’ll be free to go wherever you go, however you decide.


The daily journey that inspire us have its origins in the luggage world, arising from our restlessness in looking for products that would allow us to carry our daily essentials with the same protection and safety that we’ve been providing to carry our valuables across the world on our big travels.

The idea of everyday luggage is the answer to that concern with a wide array of products that will solve any daily mobility need. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if we are just taking the same bus as everyday or flying on a light aircraft in route to a dreamy island: what we carry deserves the same protection and we’ve got 80 years of experience providing it.

For over 10 years, Vogart has been evolving constantly, along with society, to offer products that will make daily life easier for everyone, and with every new design we take a step further in usability, protection and adjusting for the new tech products in permanent evolution.

Our mission is to create products with maximum reliability and durability, that consume less natural resources and are tested by its use in the most daring daily urban settings. Functional pieces that will endure your lifestyle, may it be filled with subway rides or taxi ones, time at the office or in the coworking space, the gym or an afterwork … that’s how you live with Vogart. Your way.


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