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Colección Argos de Vogart

Our new collection ARGOs 243 has different travel bags. It’s a comfy collection, practic and versatil, because has a different models of travel bags 3×1. This bags could be a backpack, a shoulder strap or a bag. Its lightness stands out and the water-repellent material that it’s made.


ARGOS 243 45

Disseny sense titol
Disseny sense titol 2
Disseny sense titol 1
  • The ARGOS 243 45 model is light and water resistant.
  • Suitable as cabin luggage on Vueling.
  • Made of lightweight Nylon Ripstop material.
  • It has a compartment for a laptop or tablet up to 14″.
  • Inside it has an organizer and a waterproof pocket.
  • On the back there is a secret pocket.
  • It can be carried as a shoulder bag, as a bag and as a backpack.
  • The backpack handles are hidden in a rear compartment.
  • Tape on the back to attach to the suitcase mechanism.
  • The measurements of this model are 40 x 20 x 30 cm.
  • Its capacity is 24 litres.
  • The model weighs 0.8 kg.

ARGOS 243 15

Disseny sense titol 6
Disseny sense titol 5
Disseny sense titol 4
  • The ARGOS 243 15 model is light and water resistant.
  • Suitable as hand luggage in OuiGo and Avlo.
  • Made of lightweight Nylon Ripstop material.
  • It has a compartment for a laptop or tablet up to 13″.
  • Inside it has an organizer and a waterproof pocket.
  • On the back there is a secret pocket.
  • It can be carried as a shoulder bag, as a bag and as a backpack.
  • The backpack handles are hidden in a rear compartment.
  • Tape on the back to attach to the suitcase mechanism.
  • The measurements of this model are 36 x 15 x 27 cm.
  • Its capacity is 15 litros.
  • The model weighs 0,7 kg.


This video is a little review of this bags.

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bags gift guide 2021 regalar


And let’s start… gifting!

It’s that time of the year again! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the holidays and the gift giving. In the list below, we’ve wanted to help you out and inspire you to choose the perfect bag for the right person. Because bags are one of those essentials of which you can always get a new (and better) one.

But if, instead, you’d like to find a product by its price, color or features, please head over to the main SHOP and use the filters or categories to sort through our wide array of voguish bags.

Gifts for travelers

We all know someone that is always restless and craving for new horizons (and if you don’t, that’s probably you 😉) . To find a good backpack for traveling, you must start by considering what your type of adventure and destination is. You’ll certainly want to choose a backpack with a lot of storage space. Our Expandable Travel Backpack (Kangaroo) and our Expandable Backpack Cabin Crew have a dedicated compartment for your clothes that adapts to your needs. If you are an urban traveler and worry about the safety of your previous stuff, the Anti-theft Backpack (Boston) is a modern bag with plenty of space, ready for your tech with a zipper on the back that will make it really difficult to get access to your things without you noticing.

Even if you are not a backpacker but still love to get away, it’s always a good idea to have something smaller that you can take with you once you’ve left all the bulky stuff at your accommodation. Choose a crossbody that suits you, and you’ll be able to move freely in your destination while keeping your essentials close. Have you checked our Medium crossbody (Boston)?

travelers scaled


Gifts for outdoor lovers

Be it our city’s park or the Alps, we love enjoying the outdoors. And when life happens away from your couch, you’ll want to carry your minimal essentials with you. So a backpack or crossbody is a charming gift for pretty much everybody. And we have plenty of options for that. For those that do more with less, what about a modern sling crossbody? A perfect piece for the active lifestyle. Now, if you have an OVERPACKER in your life, the large backpack Delta is a beautiful option, with a beautiful black camouflage pattern and resistant material. For an urban look, the Alabama small backpack is the way to go. And for the most versatile use, the small expandable backpack in the Ness collection offers an impressive volume that can be enlarged and you (or your special one) will be ready with an all-round piece.

all bags scaled


Gifts for tech savvy

For those who always keep up with the latest trends in tech, gift them something where they can fit their latest acquisitions and carry them with style. A big laptop sleeve and plenty of space and pockets for all kind of gadgets, as well as organizational spaces to keep everything in its place: these bags have all of this and more.

techies scaled


Gifts for busy people

We all know someone who’s always on the run, hustling, the busy bee in our lives. And surely they are always carrying a good amount of stuff. For them, a stylish black business piece will be an unobtrusive and comfortable accessory to their days. With plenty of organization compartments, and with multiple and easy access pockets, the following bags will make their lives smoother.

busy scaled


Gifts for urbanites

Make the city lover of your life happy with an elegant, contemporary bag that will accompany them in all of their everyday adventures in the burg. The Eborn collection is your go to, with bags made of vegan and recycled materials and all the carrying options anyone could aspire to. The Everyday is suitable for everyone, and the anti-theft backpacks offer a safe option for those who move in the crowd. For the motorbike riders, the leg bag in the Dark collection will be the perfect choice. And if they are more of an essentials guy, a crossbody will do a good job. Have you seen the Tokyo collection? It’s a very polished and utilitarian collection, with a Nordic aesthetics that will match your winter looks and add that professional touch to your summer days errands.

arda tutkun RgGz2WIjxRA unsplash scaled


Gifts for nature lovers

We should all take some time to get back to nature and reconnect with our surrounding. Even if we don’t, though, there’s always someone who we know that does, or wants to start. For those people that come to mind, give them a present to spend that pleasant time in nature with comfort: our Iceland collection has something for their small (or big) adventures.

nature lovers scaled


Gifts for all-goers

Looking for a gift for someone you don’t know so well? There are some pieces that are almost universal. For anyone practical, the convertible tote is a wonderful item, as it allows you to carry everything you could imagine in any way you want (top handles, crossbody, on the shoulder or as a backpack). For a casual look, a crossbody is a great option. If you know they like to be hands-free, then a waistbag would be the right pick and a trendy one, since there’s been a great comeback. In this case, the Eborn and the Dark waistbags are surely going to do it (and prove that you are great gift-giver).

all round


Have you found something for your loved ones? You can still check all of our collections (in Business, Travel or Urban styles) in case we missed what you are really looking for. Hoping you find something to put on your list, check it twice and get to enjoy and spread the Christmas spirit! 🎄✨🎁

something else

Did we forget anything?


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Backpacks to get back to work by Vogart

vogartbags business trabajo

Back to the daily routine

After a well-deserved but always too-short vacations, after the back to school and the start of a new season, we are back to our daily routine. But we are coming back with renewed energy, new hopes and ready to tackle new challenges, start new hobbies and maybe even going back to the gym!

In fact, this year we may be even a bit more excited than usual, as every new start feels a bit more “normal”. It’s also a good time to think about what to use to get back to our daily commute, and maybe get a carrying partner. What would be your bag of choice? Backpack or briefcase? A convertible? A tote? Or maybe just a crossbody?

Our favourite backpacks to carry to work

Backpacks still are, and will remain, the most comfortable and practical way to carry all that you want, wherever you want to. With plenty of space, multiple compartments, two comfortable shoulder straps, its easiness and versatility are assured.

Furthermost, we get plenty of different styles to choose from, so it can’t be difficult to find the one that better suits our needs and preferences. May it be a bigger bag, a smaller one, to fit a laptop, have easy access or get plenty of pockets and compartments, there’s an option for us. Going to work? Choose a business style. Going on errands? Urban. Leaving for days? Get a travel bag. There are also the anti-theft bags, for those worried about the security of they valuables while on the way. And you can even found the ones with incorporated USB ports to plug with your powerbank.

Antitheft backpacks

Formal backpacks

Laptop backpacks

Backpacks for large laptops

jorge vasconez buYlndcNnjM unsplash 1 scaled

Choose a briefcase instead?

When the most important thing you have to carry are documents or your laptop, let’s choose the right briefcase for them. They usually come in different carrying options: hold it from its handles or hang it on your shoulder (or crossbody if that’s more your style). You may even find one that is also a backpack! That’s a deal!

Other accessories just right for your daily commute

There will also be days when carrying just a few things is the way to go. That’s why we love crossbodies, specially those that fit a tablet. Also the leg bag is a great option for those who move around the city in their motorbike and only need to carry the very essentials. Others will find that a tote that can also be worn as a backpack or crossbody is perfect for the diversity of occasions that we get in a day: from moving across crowds, getting in the subway, on the bike or a taxi… Anyway, there’s a piece perfect for you, you just have to find – and if you haven’t yet, check here 😉

arw zero ADwAyoqHYIA unsplash croppped scaled

See you on the way to work


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