The Camper 244 collection arrived last year to a Vogart’s family, and was established as a best seller for our brand. At first, the collection only had two backpacks; these were made to travel. Both backpacks have a laptop compartment and a clothed compartment. This 2023, one new backpack arrives to Camper’s family, the 24428 reference.

La mochila 24428 se complementa con lo mejor de las otras dos mochilas de la colección. Si te fijas solamente en su exterior se parece mucho a la referencia 24427, pero tanto en tamaño como en su interior se ven las diferencias.

The new backpack is made with the best of the other two Camper backpacks. If you only see the outer, it seems like 24427, but has a little inner differences.

camper 244

Camper 244 and there purpose

This collection, like we mentioned a few weeks ago, is designed to make more easy the luggage moment in your travel. A lot of companies like Ryanair or Vueling, have a cheaper ticket that only includes this luggage size.

Vogart has other collections, such Argos 243 or Climb 234, already included the Vueling or Ryanair luggage size, but Camper collection not only has the necessary size, it’s more than a simply backpack.

23425 Ryanair size
24345 Vueling size
20625 Ryanair size

What makes it so different from the other backpacks, is there how it is opened. Unlike a conventional backpack, which usually opens from the top, this new one is opening like a suitcase. This idea, already implemented in the 24454 Camper’s model, make it easy to pack or unpack the clothes and other accessories. Also, have a a practic padded compartment, with a velcro zipper, designed to a laptop or a tablet. All of that in only one pocket, and without having to give up anything.

You could see more photographies in the product sheet:

Comparison between 24427 y 24428

The other two models, Camper 24427 and Camper 24454, which we talked about recently, have found a backpack that will compete with them for being the best of the collection.

In the next video, you can see a comparison between the two camper’s backpacks more similar, the 24428 and 24427 reference.

Camper 24427

This model was one of the best sellers around the 2022. It is a compact backpack, with a good size to travel. Also has a compartment for a laptop and other one for clothes.

All the Camper collection is made in three colors: blue, black and grey. All the details are made in black, which enhances the other colors.

Esta mochila tiene espacio para un portátil de 15″ y una capacidad total de 24 litros. El modelo nuevo tiene una capacidad de 22 litros y un espacio para portátil de hasta 14″.

This backpack has a 15″ laptop compartment and also has a 24 liters of total capacity. The new one has a 22 liters of capacity and a 14″ laptop compartment.

Camper 244 27 negro
2442704 reference
Camper 244 27 gris
2442708 reference
Camper 244 27 azul
2442700 reference

Este modelo está disponible. Puedes consultar este modelo en su ficha de producto:

This model is available. You can see it in their product sheet:

Vueling and their luggage policy

From the last 2020, Vueling was established that the luggage of the basic ticket has only one hand luggage size, which can’t be more than 40 x 20 x 30 cm. This size is more than enough for a 3-5 days travel.

This size, also, is the same that is included as a hand luggage in the most expensive tickets (optima and time flex), so this type of backpacks would be the best complement for your travel.

You can see the luggage policy of Vueling on their website or by clicking in this link.

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