Back to the daily routine

After a well-deserved but always too-short vacations, after the back to school and the start of a new season, we are back to our daily routine. But we are coming back with renewed energy, new hopes and ready to tackle new challenges, start new hobbies and maybe even going back to the gym!

In fact, this year we may be even a bit more excited than usual, as every new start feels a bit more “normal”. It’s also a good time to think about what to use to get back to our daily commute, and maybe get a carrying partner. What would be your bag of choice? Backpack or briefcase? A convertible? A tote? Or maybe just a crossbody?

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Our favourite backpacks to carry to work

Backpacks still are, and will remain, the most comfortable and practical way to carry all that you want, wherever you want to. With plenty of space, multiple compartments, two comfortable shoulder straps, its easiness and versatility are assured.

Furthermost, we get plenty of different styles to choose from, so it can’t be difficult to find the one that better suits our needs and preferences. May it be a bigger bag, a smaller one, to fit a laptop, have easy access or get plenty of pockets and compartments, there’s an option for us. Going to work? Choose a business style. Going on errands? Urban. Leaving for days? Get a travel bag. There are also the anti-theft bags, for those worried about the security of they valuables while on the way. And you can even found the ones with incorporated USB ports to plug with your powerbank.

Antitheft backpacks

Formal backpacks

Laptop backpacks

Backpacks for large laptops

Choose a briefcase instead?

When the most important thing you have to carry are documents or your laptop, let’s choose the right briefcase for them. They usually come in different carrying options: hold it from its handles or hang it on your shoulder (or crossbody if that’s more your style). You may even find one that is also a backpack! That’s a deal!

Other accessories just right for your daily commute

There will also be days when carrying just a few things is the way to go. That’s why we love crossbodies, specially those that fit a tablet. Also the leg bag is a great option for those who move around the city in their motorbike and only need to carry the very essentials. Others will find that a tote that can also be worn as a backpack or crossbody is perfect for the diversity of occasions that we get in a day: from moving across crowds, getting in the subway, on the bike or a taxi… Anyway, there’s a piece perfect for you, you just have to find – and if you haven’t yet, check here 😉

See you on the way to work


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